"Dwell in Possibility"— Emily Dickenson

One-Week Intensive Wellness Program


One-Week Intensive Wellness Program

This program is the next step in your health and wellness. Sometimes having the answer isn't enough: extra support and treatment is needed. Next Step's One-Week Intensive Wellness Program includes all the benefits of our Comprehensive Evaluation plus additional support, and evaluations.

This Program includes:

-One time consultation with no previous doctor-patient relationship.

-Detailed review of previous medical records by Dr. Gary Weiss

-2 hour phone interview by a member of our Wellness Staff

-1 hour general medical evaluation by an ARNP

-2 1/2 hour evaluation with Dr. Gary Weiss and Cathleen Brooks Weiss

-Any additional testing needed

-Evaluation with Native American Ojibway healers Steve and Iris Jourdain

-Alternative treatments when appropriate: sweat lodge, massage, yoga

-Individual and group counseling

-12 step meetings and wellness sessions tailored to specific diseases and ailments when appropriate: addiction recovery for those already in recovery, wellness, MS, chronic pain, Cancer.

-1 hour follow up discussion, opinion, and recommendations with Dr. Gary Weiss and Cathleen Brooks Weiss

The Next Step Intensive Program is Monday through Friday; 9am to 5pm. Only 4-6 patients at a time will be involved in each week allowing for personalized and individualized treatment and healing. Each patient will get the attention and care they deserve and need that isn't always available in general medicine and doctor visits. 

TOTAL COST: $10,000.00