"Wellness and happiness are achievable regardless
of life's burdens or physical challenges."— Cathleen Brooks Weiss Executive Director and Founder of Next Step® Institute of Integrative Medicine, Inc.

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If chronic physical or emotional issues are preventing you from enjoying a rich, fulfilling life, you’re ready to take the Next Step®. Let us help you achieve optimum wellness and experience the joyful life you deserve.

We understand that summoning the courage to make a significant life change can be the hardest part of the process, but when you’re ready to make that first move towards wellness, we’ll be here for you.

To inquire about Next Step® Institute’s treatment programs, schedule an appointment or reserve a spot in one of our Wellness Week programs today, please contact us at info@nextstepinstitute.net, or call or write us at the address below. You can also join our email list to receive quarterly newsletters, special updates, as well as early registration for new wellness programs.

We are committed to helping you realize optimal wellness.

Next Step® Institute of Integrative Medicine

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