"Throughout the history of human existence, healers have integrated knowledge, plant science, caring compassion, faith, ancient traditions and intuition. Too many physicians today have forgotten - or never learned - how to be healers."— Dr. Gary M Weiss Medical Director of Next Step® Institute

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Sense of Wellness –  Essential Oil Products

The reasoning behind our blends

There is reason why our blends contain what they contain. Each essential oil that goes into our blend is added for a specific reason, whether it’s for proven medicinal properties, for how it makes the user feel, or for what it represents in optimal healing with our proven treatments.

Our oils are NOT intended or tested for internal use. To be used ,topically only.



  • OsteoProCare

    An Excellent Source of Calcium

    OsteoProCare is a liquid dietary supplement rich in calcium, essential minerals, and Vitamin D.

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  • FlexeoPlus


    Improve joint flexibility and maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissues using this Glucosamine, MSM, and Iproflavone liquid supplement.

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  • TrueGreens


    We live in a time when getting the recommended daily servings of nutritious food can be difficult. TrueGreens is a 100% vegetarian super-food supplement.

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  • AminoCharge


    Intelligent protein supplement helps build muscle and burn body fat. AminoCharge, with AminoRegulator, is so unique and effective, we have a patent pending!

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  • BodyBalance

    A liquid Aloe Vera and sea vegetable supplement to support energy and wellbeing.

    Body Balance is a whole-food, liquid nutrition supplement, formulated with SeaNineTM, our proprietary blend of nine wild, sustainably harvested sea vegetables; and certified organically grown and processed Aloe vera. It is designed to be a daily foundational support for increased energy and overall well being.*

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