"Throughout the history of human existence, healers have integrated knowledge, plant science, caring compassion, faith, ancient traditions and intuition. Too many physicians today have forgotten - or never learned - how to be healers."— Dr. Gary M Weiss Medical Director of Next Step® Institute

About Us

At Next Step® Institute, we believe in optimal wellness—the state of living life at its highest emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual level. Our handpicked staff of top professionals is continuously developing innovative programs based on the most sophisticated research and understanding of human health and wellness.

Every member of our Wellness Team is a credentialed specialist in their respective field, and together they offer hundreds of years of combined practice in both modern and traditional ancient approaches to healing.

Next Step®’s four clinical directors are nationally recognized experts in integrative medicine who have worked together for 16 years as medical practice partners, co-authors, spouses and trusted friends. We are continually learning from one another other, and we share our insights, methodologies and research findings with other professionals and the public through lectures, workshops, articles and books.