"Dwell in Possibility"— Emily Dickenson

Comprehensive Evaluation

Medicine isn't always black and white, and doctors don't always have the answers. It can be frustrating when you know something is going on with your body but no one can tell you what it is. We at Next Step understand that frustration (many of us have gone through it) and we believe you when you tell us what you are experiencing in your body. That's why we have put together two programs to help you find peace with a diagnosis and a health plan that makes sense. Our team has dealth with many medical 'mysteries' adn we have had success in helping people heal and find the answers they seek. 

Comprehensive Evaluation

Next Step's Comprehensive Evaluation is for patients who have struggled to get answers or a diagnosis on their symptoms or who have complex medical diagnosis and no relief or answers that do not satisfy or make sense to the patient. 

This program includes:

-One time consultation with no previous doctor-patient relationship.

-Detailed review of previous medical records by Dr. Gary Weiss

-2 hour phone interview by a member of our Wellness Staff

-1 hour general medical evaluation by an ARNP

-2 1/2 hour evaluation with Dr. Gary Weiss and Cathleen Brooks Weiss

-Any additional testing needed

-1 hour follow up discussion, opinion, and recommendations with Dr. Gary Weiss and Cathleen Brooks Weiss

TOTAL COST: $5,000.00